Psychic Work

My Psychic Journey


I am a fourth generation Psychic, Medium, and channeler. Intuition and psychic dreams have always provided me with guidance and prediction for myself and others, as well as world events such as the US presidential ballot fiasco of 2000 and psychic dreams about 9/11, twenty years prior to the event. My grandmother was a devout faith healer in a small village in Italy. My great uncles were profound automatic writers, a form of mediumship, and well known authors of their time. I am grateful to have this family gift. I continually refine my abilities through teaching, yoga, meditation, psychic development courses, seminars and healings. I offer psychic readings as well as private tarot classes.

My purpose in a private reading is to give individuals the information that best serves them as guidance in their present and future endeavors, as well as understanding how the past has led them there. In a typical session, I share what I see for the client, and later in the session discuss individual topics more in depth, opening the reading to question and answer. Readings can be a helpful way to look at our most likely future path and guide us towards our full potential. We should always be aware that free will is available anytime we wish to change the path, or go in a new direction. Psychic readings can benefit us by offering a helpful energetic forecast for both the present and long term future.

I primarily use tarot cards in private sessions and practice psychometry, palmistry, along with some mediumship and past life readings. A reading is best when the client feels they can focus on the information they receive in the session instead of feeling rushed. I usually leave the open hour, even for shorter sessions, so that a client has the opportunity to extend the length of their reading during the session; should they desire more time.

Readings can be done in person, by Skype or by phone. The energy is the same regardless of where you are. It all depends on your preference.

Session Times and Flow 

In order to decide how much time you need for your appointment, a helpful guideline is that 30 minutes is fine if you want a general outlook and don’t have more than 1 question, or if you have had a reading with me before and know what to expect.  45 minutes is recommended for new clients or if you have more than 2 questions you’d like to look into in depth, and the full session, 1 hour, is very thorough. If you book extra time that you do not need during the reading, I am happy to refund a portion of the session, but if you do not book enough time, depending on my schedule, I may not be able to extend the session in the moment. In the beginning of the reading, I look and share what I see for you, but at some point we open up to questions as time allows. In longer sessions, I am able to share more before we open up to questions. Please keep a notebook nearby to take notes during the session, or write down anything you’d like to return to when we open up the session to your questions. 

Booking your Session and Payment

Session times are booked directly through me and offered in EST. Please let me know if you are in a different time zone so that I can offer times that will work well for you. You can make a payment prior to booking your session or after requesting a date and time, but I can not hold times without it. Your payment automatically confirms your appointment. Please send me the best number to call for your session, or let me know if you’d like to use Skype or what’s app. A phone line does tend to be the best connection. My reading line will often come up as unknown caller. If you have an app blocking these calls, it may need to be disabled or I can use another method to call you. If possible, please let me know prior what you prefer. Please have any technology you’d like to use to record the session ready by the session time. Unfortunately, a lot of clients lose time time trying to do this during the session. If you make a payment and do not hear from me within 48 hours to offer you session times, please contact me. Occasionally, I can not reply the same day, but after 2 days this would mean I didn’t receive a notification from PayPal that your payment was confirmed. The best methods to contact me are by text at 631-220-5228 or email If last minute cancellations are made at the moment of your scheduled reading time, 15 minutes will be deducted from your future session.