I am a Psychic, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Classical Flutist, Channeler and Medium. I am a fourth genera- tion psychic and musician. My work has been featured on the WE networks, and I have been interviewed by A & E and many newspapers and magazines. I host concerts, events, and spiritual workshops as well as global retreats. I continually expand my study of music, meditation, and healing.
– Karin

Intuitive, Sensory Acoustic Journeys… Healing & Wellness from Psychic Space

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My sound healings are not a performance, they are a method of helping others enter a state of gratitude and inner peace.


I am a soloist and teach private flute, piccolo, and alto flute lessons through video and at my Stony Brook studio. I perform classical music and compose original works as well as flute parts for contemporary composers.

Psychic Work

I am a fourth generation Psychic, Medium, and Channeler. Intuition and psychic dreams have always provided me with guidance and predictions for myself and others, as well as world events.

Sound Healing/Reiki

Experience a profound sound healing session with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Indian flute, channeled Toning and Reiki; a unique method only taught to a select group of healers trained in Spain by my teacher Nubia, a Sufi healer, who lives mostly in meditation.

I am available for events, private appointments in person or by phone, video sessions, music lessons, guided meditation, readings and fundraisers.


Classes on retreat allow for individual attention with typically two classes daily or extended sessions on half days. Learn More…Book a retreat